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Even though it looks like a lot of work has gone into this costume one can only wonder WTF is it. At least it can be recycled into several draft stoppers for doors and thus, in a way, is environmentally friendly.
Update: Thank you to all the comments. It is indeed his noodley one the FSM. I have touched a nerve with followers out there. I apologise for not recognising his greatness.

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Here's what you can pick up at a thrift shop for $2.95 the night before Halloween. This guy also snapped up some brown pants and Grey jumper for a bargain too.

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At first you think this is kinda cute. The little kid dressed up. Then you see the dudes got a beard and now think "What a shit effort, where's the blades?!".

He's probably presenting his wrists there to be hand cuffed and taken away by the Crap Costume Police (CCP).

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This costume probably cost 5c which back in those days would buy you a hair cut, lunch and a train ticket back to the burbs where you lived.

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The costume looks about as well thought out as her interior decorating.

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