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Sometimes the idea for a costume is better when it's in your head. By the time to spend all the time putting it together you end up with something that could be right out of a serial killers bio page. Also make sure you spell the operations correctly or you'll look illiterate as well as lame.

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Could you ever find a better way to spend $70? If anyone complains about your costume you just ask them to smell the cheese then bop them in the nose.

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If your Indiana Jones costume sucks ass then go as a C64 Pitt Fall Costume. Sure to impress all of the nerds over 30 with your clever design. Hey throw in a red scarf for good measure. The games character was so small no one will dispute it.

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Kids Toilet Costume
Not sure what to go as this Halloween? Go as a toilet and be a shithead to everyone but say it's part of your costume.
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