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Injured Player Costume

Sports Halloween costumes are a way to show that you are good at a certain sport, even though you probably are not. I always knew those Nerf footballs were a hazard. He must have been playing catch with Brett Favre.
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Iron Man Costume

I heard there was going to be a couple new suits in Iron Man 2, and this must be one of them. It is known as the Mark LXIX. This costume should be useful when he gets pressed into rough situations and needs a smooth getaway.
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Kids Gnome Costume

A gnome costume is more for being punished then having fun. If your kid is being bad forget having them sit in a corner. No, it would be much more penalizing to have them get dressed in their gnome Halloween costume and stand still in the front yard.

That'll teach 'em.
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Douchebag Costume

At least he's man enough to admit he's a douchebag, and creative enough to create a Halloween costume to celebrate it. Why he needs a hat that makes him look like a deformed Hershey's kiss I'll never know.
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Hulk Hogan Costume

You have to be a dedicated Hulk Hogan fan if you are willing to bronze your entire body to complete your Halloween costume. I always think Hulk Hogan is talking to me when he ends his sentences with "brother", and I don't like it.
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