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Enterprise Dog Costume

I read that the Engine Room scenes in the new Star Trek movie were filmed at a Budweiser Plant. This was going to be their new "Spuds MacKenzie" in a cross-promotional marketing campaign but sadly it was just too fucking stupid.

JJ Abrams needs to go back to LOST.
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Trogdor Costume

Based on the Trogdor Halloween costume I think this will be the next character adapted for film. It could be Arnold Schwarzenegger's comeback film after being Governor.
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Swamp Thing Costume

I heard Swamp Thing had a traumatizing incident when he was young. His parents caught him weed whacking.

In all seriousness though, a Swamp Thing Halloween costume is the perfect costume for those hanging onto their 70's shag rug carpets.
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Here's a Halloween costume if you have a couple garbage cans lying around. Can his shorts technically be called "capris"?
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Oh look at me I'm a rainbow. Oh me? I'm a leopard. Roaaar!! Let's get a photo together!!!
Wait let me hike my shirt up so you can see my coin purse.

These are either really lame costumes that make no sense at all, or just two flaming guys caught on camera. I think it's the former.

Thanks again to Sandy for sending this in.

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