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Truly this takes the cake and eats it to when it comes to bad taste. Even the pun "Elton Jon Benet" makes you want to back hand his face. Actually the look on his face made me want to do that. I'm hard to offend but I don't think I could have been at the same party as this guy,

For those that don't watch the news more info here.

Thanks to Sandy for sending this in and having the self control not to slap this guy.

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Toddlers are perfect for Oompa Loompa costumes. It's easy to make too.


Costume is fine it just fails when anyone over 4 ft wears them.


Once again adding a pimp twist to a costume works really well.


I'm not sure what's worse. The costume or the decor.


I'm a sucker for a dog in a costume oh and dogs in wigs.

So unless you're a toddler, dog or midget don't attempt a Oompa Loompa costume this Halloween.

Serious Note: If you were an Oompa Loompa you'd find these costumes as offensive as a Goolly Wogg doll or someone in "black face". Think about how your actions affect other people's feelings this Halloween.

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The Tick has a serious case of camel toe.

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Either this is a Supergirl whose holding the rifle for another cosplay friend or just a very confused Supergirl fan.

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You've been invited to a Halloween party and you have the perfect outfit. A sexy tight fitting nuns costume. Then you re read the invite and see it has a side note "costumes must be in bad taste". Not wanting to have to buy another costume you throw a pillow under the skirt and head out.

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