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The crew over at have outdone themselves. Earlier this year they made some epically WTF Harlem Shake videos, but now they have made a string of new 2013 commercials featuring their muppet-esque Monster puppet mascot. There is something about seeing a muppet in a banana costume that is oddly appealing.

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Steampunk Dog Costume

Goggles? Check. Some weird device with gears on it? Check. Aviator clothing? Check.
It is a steampunk dog.
I am kind of pulling a Jodi Foster moment from the movie Contact when she travels to space and witnesses a look into a beautiful space-scape of galaxies and stars and what-not.
"There are no words. They should have sent a poet."
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Sexy Chewbacca Costume

I think Han Solo wished really really hard and his Jedi Fairy Godmother granted his request. This sexy Chewbacca costume really makes you question what else from Star Wars could be gender-bent successfully. Sexy Admiral Ackbar anyone? It's a trap!
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Kids Snowglobe Costume

This snow globe is a very clever kids costume. It is also funny for the following two reasons.
1) Hawaii is the most ironic state to have a snow globe for.
2) It looks like she has about 3 minutes of air left in that thing.
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Car Seat Costume

Wow, I am not sure what this is. Are we witnessing a prank in process, some kind of WTF costume or a botched worst-ever human trafficking attempt.
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