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This has to be one of the most disturbing Halloween costumes I've seen in awhile. At least she still looks happy and relaxed.

Must be heavily medicated.
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Truly this takes the cake and eats it to when it comes to bad taste. Even the pun "Elton Jon Benet" makes you want to back hand his face. Actually the look on his face made me want to do that. I'm hard to offend but I don't think I could have been at the same party as this guy,

For those that don't watch the news more info here.

Thanks to Sandy for sending this in and having the self control not to slap this guy.

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If you really want to freak the person you are stalking then try this. Get a photo of their face, tear it up and paste that onto your face. Then arrive unannounced at a fancy dress Halloween party that person is also attending and follow them around saying nothing.

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If you're looking at this photo and recognise the TV unit and room decor but not the costume then it's one of three possibilities;
- Your flat mates are into some weird ass shit
- Your parents are into some weird ass shit
- Some weird ass shit went down in your place when you were last on holidays. Burn the sheets and throw out your toothbrush.

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"Hello, This is my recent costume for a mate's 30th. I went as his mother's womb in 1978. Tim."

Tim you are a freak and also pink shirts for men suck :)

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