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If this costume doesn't get you to say "WTF!" out loud I don't know what will.

Alien Invader Costume

What do you get when you cross a salamander with the aliens from the films Alien and Species? You get this disturbing alien invader Halloween costume. The Angelina Jolie lips are a nice touch.

I know that after seeing this image I'm not going to get a good night's sleep for a while.

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Here is video that was shot at the Edwardian Ball. An annual Victorian / goth event that has recently turned into a great faire for the steampunk costuming trend.

This particular costumer decided to create the steampunk version of goldfish platform shoes. Since the goldfish are probably going to die in a matter of hours, he could have been a little nice and put a plant or some sort of castle in the helmet.
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Grayscale Costumes

At first I thought this Halloween costume image was altered in Photoshop. But I guess that's pretty much the point of these grayscale costumes.

Or they are just big fans of Charlie Chaplin.
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The Mirror Man is a sharp dressing street performer located in the Los Angeles area. He masks his entire body in hundreds of mirrors; creating a suit that covers his body from head to toe.

From what I can tell The Mirror Mans act consists of standing around and reflecting on his thoughts.

Mirror Man Costume Mirror Man Suit Mirror Man Outfit
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Living Room Transformer Costume

If this Living Room Transformer is put into Transformers 3 as a new character then that franchise will have offically gone below rock bottom.

Although, this character would be an improvement over the robot that humped Megan Fox in Transformers 2.
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