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2012 London Olympic Mascots

The 2012 London Olympic mascots (Mandeville and Wenlock) were released to the public. Who on their staff came up with these characters? They look like they would be the arch-nemesis of Gumby.
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Halloween tends to bring out the creative side in a lot of people. That said; I have no idea what these Halloween costumes are supposed to be.

Lady Gaga costumes sure have sparked people's Halloween costume creativity. Both good and bad.

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This guy was able to combine his costume with a useful banner app for his iPhone. I hope it's still easy to answer his mom's calls.

At first I had no clue who Daft Punk was when I received this Halloween costume submission. But, after watching some concert videos I would pay at least $10.00 to see a joint Daft Punk / Blue Man Group concert showdown.
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Retired Old Hooters Costume

This Hooters Halloween costume is every guy's worst nightmare. If this happens, customers would actually be going to Hooters for the wings.
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You know you've gone a little too far on the drinking during Halloween when your head turns into a gigantic hammer and you flash a peace sign.
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