Weird Green Frog Costume


The costume looks about as well thought out as her interior decorating.

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That's not an octopus - that's the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!! Check it out -

I'd say it looks like an awesome Cthulhu costume :D

I doubt it's the FSM: wrong color, no meatballs.
It doesn't look like a frog either.
The octopus idea is more likely (7 "arms" probably another hidden, suction cups).

It's an octopus you retards!

Hey next time you steal an image off of flickr that has the rights reserved, you could at least get the information right. It is an octopus.


It's better as a frog than a octopus!

Ya'll are pretty damn rude. Having seen this costume in person it is one of the best and most creative ideas I have ever seen. Then to insult her personal style after STEALING her image is extremely disrespectful!

Insulting someones interior design sense is hardly "pretty damn rude".

And I'm not sure what costumes you have been looking at but this is hardly "one of the best and most creative" out there.

I thought it was "interesting" and deserved a "WTF" as if it's an octopus then it's a weird one.

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